Hand Therapy

Resurgens Hand Center utilizes hand therapists (occupational and physical therapists) who, through advanced study and clinical training, specialize in rehabilitating patients with problems affecting the hand and upper extremity. This specialization and advanced certification, allows the therapist to work with patients to expedite their return to a productive lifestyle.

An individual treatment plan will be developed individually for each patient. Our main focus is to restore function to the upper extremity. Services provided by our hand therapists include:

•    Evaluation
•    Exercise programs to improve both strength and dexterity
•    Custom Splinting
•    Scar Management
•    Wound Management
•    Sensory Re-Education or Desensitization
•    Edema Control
•    Ergonomic Assessments
•    Work Conditioning

The objective of the Hand Therapist is to work closely with the Resurgens Hand Surgeons to maximize functional recovery of each individual patient. A team approach is utilized in order to insure that patients receive the best possible outcomes.